About Us



Human Rights Focus (HRF) is an independent registered charity that promotes human rights, fairness and equality for all. Our primary focus are disadvantaged children and young people.
We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the most disadvantaged groups and communities.

We are passionate about empowering young people with fewer opportunities. We have been working to give a voice and prospect to the disengaged youth for over five years and continue to do so in the UK and elsewhere.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision – A world where people, especially disadvantaged children and young people, equally enjoy and exercise their rights and access the opportunities.
Our mission – Human Rights Focus aims to support disadvantaged groups and those working with these groups. We aim to achieve our vision of fairer and more humane social and political systems through education, support and campaigning work.
Our values:

• Diversity: We see diversity as enriching individuals and society that should be valued, utilised and celebrated.
• Equality: We promote equality among people and each and every human being is equally valued for us.
• Participation: We believe that the right to participate applies everyone who are able and willing to contribute to the decisions affecting their lives and issues which they believe in locally, nationally and internationally. We strive to put our values into practice through our working principles.


Human Rights Focus is a volunteer based organisation with no paid member of staff.
The organisation is governed by the Board of Trustees elected every four years. Its role is to advise the Executive Committee on matters of strategy, policy and vision and also to judge in cases of major disagreements. The board meets six times a year and is led by the Board Chair elected by trustees.
A new Executive Committee is elected every year directly by the Board. The Executive Committee, headed by the Board Chair, is responsible for implementing the work plan and the day to day management of the organisation. It consists of dedicated young people who volunteer to lead on the organisation’s projects.


Our short term strategic priorities focus on the organisational and operational development. For the next three years, the organisation will follow its current Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019.
Our Annual Review 2015/16 will be available here

Watch this short film about our work