Our Work

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Human Rights Focus runs projects and initiatives that promote equality, celebrate diversity and empower disadvantaged people to live a better life. Over the last five years our primary focus has been on young people and young adults in difficulty, particularly those at risk of offending, exclusion from school and having fewer opportunities.

The definition of young people with fewer opportunities is very broad and it may mean different things in different societies. We use the definition widely used by the European youth agencies which defines the target group by the obstacles they face. The term “fewer opportunities” means that certain young people have fewer possibilities than their peers. This can be for a variety of reasons: social, economic and geographical obstacles, disability, educational difficulties, cultural differences, health problems.

Our current programmes target young people with fewer opportunities and provide essential platforms for engaging them in building the better future. We work in partnership with national and international organisations.

In 2016/19 we will carry out two programmes, each programme has been designed to meet the needs and expectations of our beneficiaries in the UK and the Eastern European countries.

Youth Empowering Programme in the UK

Youth Empowering Programme is a permanent initiative led by young volunteers. The programme targets disadvantaged children and young people and aims to empower them with skills, knowledge and confidence in becoming active citizens. Over the last five years we reached more than 170 young people with fewer opportunities. Our extensive experience helped us to revise and develop better support services for our current and future beneficiaries. Many of these young people have become volunteers with us that enabled them to develop further team working skills, role models and engage in activities that addressed social inequalities and exclusion.

Eastern Europe Programme

Eastern Europe Programme focuses on promoting equality, human rights and inclusion of minority groups. The issues of discrimination, racism and human rights violence are our ongoing priorities. We continue to work with the local partners to identify major challenges and implement projects that address these challenges.

Here you can find more information about the Human Rights Focus’s currently running and past projects.